Genuine Akoya Pearl Crescent Moon Open Ring
Genuine Akoya Pearl Crescent Moon Open Ring
Genuine Akoya Pearl Crescent Moon Open Ring

Genuine Akoya Pearl Crescent Moon Open Ring

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Crescent Pearl Ring

✨💎 Double shining, add a variety and distinctive look to your stack this season. ✨

  • Recycled 14K Gold to reduce our environmental impact
  • High Luster Akoya pearl
  • 15,000+ customer reviews
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  • Customization is welcomed

👍 Recommendations

  • As an everyday ring
  • As a travel wedding ring ✈
  • As an anniversary ring 🎁

💎 Features

  • AKOYA CULTURED PEARL: High Luster, Lightly Blemished round 6.5-7.5mm
  • 14K SOLID GOLD: Comes in yellow gold to harmonize with other rings and jewelry. The band has a 14K stamp.
  • ALL OCCASION GIFT: Celebrate graduation, birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day or the Holidays with a stylish pair of pearl open ring
  • BAND WIDTH: 2mm
  • SKU: DERC106815-AWP

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    The natural properties and process of pearl formation define the unique beauty of each pearl. The image may show slight differences in texture, color, size, and shape.

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    Remember that it’s easier to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing than dealing with a damaged one.

    Sterling Silver will tarnish overtime as part of its natural wear and tear, however you can keep your Sterling Silver in pristine condition by following the tips below:

    How should I take care of my jewelry?

    • Keep your jewelry away from water, lotions, perfumes, cleaning products and other liquids. Exposing your jewelry to liquid can increase the rate of tarnishing.
    • You can also visit a local jewelry shop to have them clean your jewelry and re-plate it professionally.
    • Keep your jewelry in a cool, dry place and avoid storing it in an airtight container. Doing so will cause it to oxidize, however this can also be avoided by wearing your jewelry often with occasional cleaning.

    How should I clean my jewelry?

    • Routinely wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth such as polishing cloth or eyeglass cloth. This will maintain its shine and appearance.
    • For severe tarnishing, you can easily clean it by soaking the piece in water mixed with mild soap. Wash with warm water and dry completely afterwards.

    What can damage or tarnish my jewelry?

    • Exposing your jewelry to liquids such as water, chlorine, cleaning products, and other liquids can initiate the tarnishing faster. Once exposed, wipe the piece right away so as to limit exposure to liquid.
    • Avoid swimming or showering or exercising with your jewelry as Chlorine, salt water, sweat, etc. can erode and dull your jewelry.
    • When applying lotions, creams, or perfumes, wait for it to dry before wearing your jewelry.
    • Keep your jewelry away from intensive light and heat as this can discolor the stones, and dry it, making it more susceptible to cracking.
    • Avoid sleeping with jewelry. This is also for safety purposes.


    Sterling Silver

    Here at DoubleAccent, all of our Sterling Silver items are made from 92.5 % Silver and 7.5% Silver Alloy. A 925 stamp inside the ring band will also be seen and serves as a verification for its authenticity.

    Since Silver is a metal that oxidizes quickly, all of our Sterling Silver items are either Platinum Plated or Rhodium Plated to help prevent tarnishing or wearing. A thin layer of Platinum plating or Rhodium plating coats the Silver and adds the perfect protective barrier. This will shield the piece from scratches and tarnishing, and will increase the durability.

    Plating a jewelry piece will also make it shinier as it catches the light and add luster. We also offer Yellow Gold and Rose Gold plated pieces for selected designs.

    As part of Sterling Silver’s wear and tear, the plating will wear off naturally and will need to be re-plated after 12-18 months.


    14K Gold

    Our Gold items here at DoubleAccent are made from Sold 14K Gold, and is available in White Gold or Rose Gold for some items. A 14K stamp can also be seen inside the ring band or along the earring post, and will serve as a verification for its authenticity.

    14K Gold items will appear a darker shade of yellow overtime as part of its natural wear and tear. You can easily maintain Gold items by routinely wiping them with a soft cloth, specially after being in contact with a liquid. To make your Gold pieces shine again, you can mix few drops of mild washing soap with warm water, brush gently using a soft brush, wash, and dry thoroughly.

    14K White Gold pieces will retain its color forever, however if you want your piece to look brand-new, you can send it back to us for Rhodium plating, or you can have your local jewelry shop Rhodium plate it professionally for you.

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