Cubic Zirconia - The Everyday Diamond

Real Diamonds vs Cubic Zirconia

Some people refuse to wear anything but real diamonds. They may not be aware that in some parts of the world, real diamond mining has endangered miners and wreaked havoc on the environment.

However, even ethically mined or lab-grown diamonds come with a high price tag.

Color, Clarity and Cost

When it comes to diamonds, colorless stones are the most valued. Diamond colors grade on a scale of D (colorless) to Z (yellow). When shopping for a diamond, you’ll find every grade from D-Z. The better the grade, the higher the cost.

Clarity is also graded. From “flawless” to “included”, diamonds come in different clarity. And since a flawless stone is harder to come by, they are the most expensive.

Cubic Zirconia – Color and Clarity without the Cost

Did you know that  cubic zirconia (CZ) stones are lab created? That makes them a danger-free, ethical and sustainable choice.
Comparable to the sought after D grade diamond, CZ's are almost always colorless.

As for clarity, a cubic zirconia gemstone is almost always flawless. In fact, that is the one way jewelers can tell a diamond and a CZ apart - by its lack of flaws!

So, if a cubic zirconia has the same color, clarity and brilliance of a real diamond and comes in all the same cuts as a real diamond, they must be expensive, right?







 Let’s Compare Costs

A 1-carat diamond gold ring can cost upwards of $10,000 while a gold ring with a cubic zirconia stone sells for around $200.

At Double Accent our fine silver cubic zirconia rings start at about $40.

Do you worry about losing precious diamond jewelry at a party or while on vacation?

Why own a beautiful piece of jewelry that you are afraid to wear … when you can enjoy wearing a brilliant “everyday diamond” without the worry.

Browse our selection of eye-catching fine silver cubic zirconia jewelry today!

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