My order says “Delivered” but I have not received anything.

There are a few reasons why this may have happened.

Kindly check the tracking again with the courier’s website as the updates from us and the courier may not have been the same

If the courier’s website states that it has been delivered, kindly look around outside and inside the mailbox or ask family members as they might have intercepted the package.

Sometimes USPS makes an error in scanning the packages, so kindly wait 3-4 business days to see if the package will come.

If by that time you still haven't received it, please try contacting your local Post Office first to check with them about the status of your package.

What if I don’t know my size?

Please see our Ring Size Guide page for different methods on how you can measure your ring's size.

The best way to get your ring size accurately is to visit a local jewelry shop and have them professionally measure it for you.

What is the weight of this item?

Item weight varies depending on the size, length, and width. Kindly send us a message here along with the measurement of the item you need so we can assist you further.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship Internationally using UPS International Shipping or USPS International Express Mail. Upon ordering, please leave a note with your phone number, as this is needed for the customs form.

Do I need to pay Customs Fee and VAT?

A lot of countries requires these fees before the delivery can be completed. All international customers are responsible for any and all shipping fees, International Taxes and Duties, and VAT. These fees are not included in our prices and are not covered in our posted international shipping fee. Your local customs office can estimate these fees for you, if applicable in your country.

Will my fingers turn green?

Green fingers have nothing to do with allergies and are not really a health hazard, however it is also something not pretty to look at. It usually happens because of acidic sweats and other chemicals oxidizing the silver and the alloy, thus making your skin look green.

Here at DoubleAccent, we make sure that our items are crafted meticulously, and coated with Rhodium or Platinum, to avoid oxidation, thus green fingers.

My item is tarnished after few uses

All sterling silver will tarnish over time and is a natural process, but it will happen faster when it comes into contact with chemicals such as perfume, salty air, sulfur, lotion, hairspray, sweat or detergents or cosmetics. It is okay to get it wet, but it will cause silver to tarnish more quickly.

Technically, tarnishing does not occur in pure silver however, pure silver is too soft to be used in jewelry crafting therefore, jewelers add a small quantity of metal alloy to strengthen the silver. The resulting product is .925 sterling silver, which contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy. It is the primary material used for silver jewelry. Unfortunately, because of the metals added, sterling silver, even authentic 925 sterling silver, will always tarnish.

Routinely wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth such as polishing cloth or eyeglass cloth. This will maintain its shine and appearance.

For more information on how to remove tarnishing or care for your jewelry, please visit our Product Materials & Care page.


For other inquiries, please send us a message here so we can assist you further.

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