Restoring the Click: Easy Fixes for Hinged Huggie Hoop Earrings

Hinged huggie hoop earrings are a popular choice for their convenience and stylish appearance. You won't need to worry about losing earring backs or additional pieces. However, over time, the hoop earring's post may weaken, causing it to not lock securely or click when closed. Fortunately, this issue is relatively simple to resolve by gently adjusting the post.

The earring post features a small notch designed to slide into a corresponding notch on the opposite side of the earring. When you close the earrings, the notches should interlock, producing a distinct "click" sound. However, as hoop earrings are made of malleable precious metals, the post may bend over time, causing the notches to misalign or lack sufficient pressure to stay connected.

To fix this issue, follow these straightforward steps, which can be easily done by hand:

  1. Gently bend the post back into position, little by little, to align with the opposite notch when closed. In some cases, this step alone may resolve the problem, and you'll hear a clear "click" sound when the earring is closed.

  2. Once the post is aligned with the opposite notch, carefully and gently bend the post slightly upward. Check if the earring clicks when closed. If not, continue making small adjustments until it does. Ensure that the earring can be opened without excessive difficulty. If it's challenging to open, make a minor downward adjustment.

Remember to make minuscule adjustments to avoid breaking the post. If you're uncomfortable making these changes yourself, consider visiting a local jewelry repair shop. They'll gladly assist you with these adjustments, typically for a nominal fee.