Moissanite vs Moissanite: Why the Price Difference?

The emotions are the same when choosing a moissanite gem for your special moments, but not all moissanites are created equal. Like diamonds, moissanites also come in different grades which significantly affect their price.


Moissanite Grades:

  1. Grade A: Lower quality with relatively blacker appearance and a slight dark green tint. The cuts are less precise, affecting the gem's overall brilliance and sparkle.

  2. Grade AA: Mid-range quality with better color and clarity compared to Grade A but still not the best.

  3. Grade AAA: Highest quality moissanite, easily visible to the naked eye due to its superior DE color and exceptional clarity. The cuts are more precise, resulting in maximum brilliance and fire.

It's important to note that these grades are not indicated on certificate reports, which can sometimes lead to confusion.


Why Choose AAA Grade Moissanite?

DOUBLE ACCENT uses the highest AAA grade moissanite, cut with advanced technology to ensure the best possible quality. This results in a stone that offers unparalleled brilliance, clarity, and color.

When considering moissanite, understanding these grades can help you make an informed decision that balances both your budget and your desire for the best quality gem.