Double Accent is a reliable factory direct online shopping mall with over 18 years of jewelry manufacturing experience and over 12 years in the wholesale jewelry business. We thrive daily to put a tremendous amount of time and effort in making beautiful “honest” quality jewelry and creative designs to meet our customer’s needs. Our personal commitment is to provide our clients with an extensive range of high quality jewelry at factory direct prices with quick response time and exceptional customer service.

Our products are not only safe for the adults to wear, but also for the children. Since safety health issues are very important to us, we use only biologically inert (bioinert) materials in our jewelry that does not cause any allergic reaction; it is compatible to the human body. Body piercing of any kind must be bioinert. Double Accent is proud to use only the safest materials available, because our company believes that our customers have the right to enjoy “honest” products. The health-conscious raw materials we use for all our products are extremely important, and this sets us apart from other competitors.

Our system effectively controls the manufacturing process, from the raw material selections, through the product build, to the packaging and the distribution process. We are teamed up with a highly respected manufacturer that provides a range of exceptionally high-quality products and our friendly sales staff is empowered with the knowledge to assist our clients with their jewelry selections and detail requirements.

Double Accent is different from most online jewelers because it bypasses the “middle-man” in the distribution process. This allows us to pass on incredible savings to our customers. In addition, our wholesale experience allows us to offer a wide range of fine jewelry and exquisite gemstones at a huge savings of 40-70% to our patrons. Through our extensive quality control process, we ensure that all our customers receive the highest quality of jewelry. If you find that we have made a mistake, or have not met your expectations, please send us your comments or concerns so we could address the issue promptly. To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied, we offer a 30-day money back guaranteed policy on all our jewelry and free shipping throughout the continental United States. Our goal is to relieve you of any concerns about your purchase and deliver the best “honest” jewelry at your doorstep.